sobota, 4 czerwca 2011

Here are some good dubstep/dnb wallpapers ;)
Check right now ;)

piątek, 20 maja 2011


here are some wallpapers

also, I was thinking about new smartphone. what do you think about motorola milestone? is it worth of buying? I've got now SE k600i, tough guy.

poniedziałek, 16 maja 2011

so i moved a fridge to my room yesterday. now i have cold beer right next to my Docking Station near my comp :D

wtorek, 16 marca 2010


so i listen to music. last time i love Plan B - Stay too long (Pendulum remix), that bass line. the qemists. the prodigy. chase & status. asian dub foundation. drum & bass.

i listen some rock but thats not the point.

everyone of you who listened to more or less electrionic music know about uncool situations. you know what i mean.

week ago in monday i was standing near class. i put headphones on. normal, right?
it was the prodigy - invaders must die (find on yt)
and a girl came.
she grabbed my headphone.
shes listening 20 seconds.
and shes gone.
without a word.

im curious what thought she had.
im sure something like 'techno fool'.


so this is my blog.

i will post only during the weekends about my brain problems etc